How to fix a bag chain that has lost its colour?

Now there are all kinds of bags on the market, now many girls like to buy bags, which also bags buckle chain bag, chain bag is very good-looking popular, but its chain processing is more trouble, a long time will also appear oxidation phenomenon, then the bag chain colour loss how to repair? Bag chain oxidation black how to do?


How to repair a discoloured bag chain?
1. cleaning, sometimes a long time use of the bag will appear false oxidation, this situation can not be seen in the end is true or false, in the case of uncertainty, you can buy a professional metal cleaner to clean the surface of the bag metal chain, false oxidation will be restored to its original luster

2. polishing, polishing may sound more professional, polishing does not have to use professional machines, there are also tools that can be polished in ordinary life, such as toothpaste, because most toothpaste contains abrasive crystals, as long as the toothpaste is evenly applied to the metal chain, and then gently wipe with a cotton cloth, so that the original colour of the metal will be restored

You can use transparent nail polish or nail care polish and apply it evenly on the metal chain, which is equivalent to adding a protective film to the metal chain, not only to prevent the friction between the clothes and the metal chain, but also to effectively prevent oxidation. Buy a bag

4. choose a professional repair agency, if the metal chain is too serious, you can choose to change it, but it is not recommended to change it at home, you can choose a more reliable professional agency to change the chain.