Is it normal for Chanel bags to have threads?

Chanel is a brand we have all heard of, Chanel’s products are very rich, of which the bag is a very popular, because Chanel bags are leather, and are handmade, so the texture is very good, so Chanel bags have threads normal? Chanel bags have several series?


Chanel bags have threads normal?
Genuine Chanel bags will not have threads. The majority of Chanel is made from lambskin (or calfskin), which is darker and has a bumpy feel to it. chanel bags have a very upright body and do not have a collapsed feel. Especially sheepskin bags, not only touching, but also will have a kind of original leather smell. The fake Chanel used is not sheepskin, leather reflective light, elasticity is also poor; cowhide bag material grain is clearer, the grain sense is more obvious, and itself with a comfortable original leather flavor, brace and type. The real Chanel logo is mostly gold-plated, and the gold plating is very thick. The fake logo is thinly plated, and although the colour looks very golden, it is more likely to fade. At the same time, the metal parts of genuine Chanel are meticulously made and of heavier quality. If there are engravings or engravings on them, the pattern is fine and clear. Most authentic Chanel zips have a jewellery-themed hook and loop at the hook and chain, usually the early lion’s head or the famous double C shape. Genuine zips are heavier in weight and the zips are finely worked and moderately dense. Inside the authentic Chanel bag you can see the stamped Chanel and Made in France/Italy inscriptions. The inside of the bag has a small sticker with a computer printed number, which is the same as the number on the identity card and the number on the original box. Fake stickers will show signs of alteration and the number was typed in using an electric typewriter.