Jojoba Oil Effects and Benefits


1、Can be used as a skin massage oil

The most common effect of the base oil as a skin massage oil, jojoba oil is no exception, you can massage the whole body including the skin of the face, and massage with jojoba oil, or belong to the better massage oil.

2, can be blended compound essential oil

Compound essential oils require a variety of single-party essential oils and one or two base oil blending made, you can put jojoba oil and other single-party essential oils, mixed and blended into a compound essential oil.

3、Can be used as a hair care oil

If your hair is dry and dry, and your conditioner is not enough to moisturise your hair, you can use jojoba oil as a hair oil, after washing your hair, apply jojoba oil and rinse off.

4、Can go to black nose

If you are constantly worried about your black nose, you can try using jojoba oil, which is used to remove black noses by melting oil.

5、Can be used in a mask

You can put jojoba oil drops in the mask powder and mix them together to make a mask.



1. Hydrating and moisturising

Jojoba oil is similar to the oil secreted by the human body and mixes well with sebum to form a breathable film on the surface of the skin to prevent moisture loss. What’s more, this film has a multi-vacancy structure, which does not prevent the skin from breathing and moisture penetration, and at the same time prevents the evaporation of water.

2、Preventing blackheads

Jojoba oil is similar in structure to the sebum secreted by the human body and has good compatibility; together with its excellent penetrating ability, it can play the principle of similar compatibility and can penetrate deep inside the pores to dissolve blackheads and keratinised cells, aiding blackheads to fall off. However, for deeper, stubborn blackheads, regular massage use is required to achieve results. For stubborn blackheads that have already formed, it plays more of an auxiliary role.

3、Pimple prevention

As jojoba oil is similar to natural sebum, the use of jojoba oil can achieve a balancing effect on oil and can reduce acne and prevent acne from occurring.

4、Remove make-up

Jojoba oil is close to the components of sebum, has a fairly good skin-friendliness, does not cause any allergic reactions and can be used safely around the eyes and on the skin, which makes it a popular oil-based make-up remover.