What shoes to wear with wide leg jeans?

Wide-legged jeans are a common style of clothing for us, and many people wear them in their everyday wear, but for wide-legged jeans shoes are often the key to success or failure!

Wide leg jeans with what shoes
1、Wide legged trousers + pointed flat shoes

Say small star people can not wear flat shoes, six six first disagree! Choose pointed flat shoes, in fact, you can also have the effect of high heels, but that is when you wear wide legged trousers, must choose the length of nine points, so that the exposed ankle, it has a visual effect of half a pair of high heels. The overall look will also have the feeling of walking with the wind, completely non-picky body shape oh.

2, wide legged trousers + high heels

High-heeled shoes as a girl highlighting the elegance of the necessary weapons, as long as they will wear, will be able to wear a strong aura, and the wide legged trousers of the high thin power, is also not to be denied. When the combination of the two, fashionable and fashionable, showing the goddess model. However, it is recommended that when choosing high heels, choose the pointed ones, which can make your foot back beautifully bowed, and furthermore visually high and thin, simply wearing a height of 170 vestiges.


3、Wide legged trousers + short boots

The denim jeans have always been a very popular style of street people, that will be denim elements used to broad-legged trousers, it becomes more tide model with type, the overall with the rate of freedom, short boots to create a sense of seniority, weakening jeans in the material relatively no texture defects, is also more popular this year with, very suitable to go uninhibited model of cool girl, casual handsome!

4、Wide leg trousers + small white shoes

In order to wear a youthful sportsfeel, small white shoes is the most pleasing choice. The small white shoes are not only particularly age-defying, but they are also particularly comfortable to wear outside, and will not be tired at all. And wide legged trousers with small white shoes is also very good-looking.

5、Wide legged trousers + old man shoes

What shoes should I wear with wide-legged trousers? It’s trendy enough to have these dad shoes! Whether it’s a show or a celebrity’s day-to-day, wide-legged trousers mixed with pops always give a sense of inexplicable harmony, this neutral, comfortable without poetic lines, nor romantic and delicate deliberately. But when you wear them that raw and unbridled poise is born, retro and chic, and the casual retro street sense instantly manifests itself!


Although we know that jeans with sneakers, but wide-legged jeans version are suitable for partial casual or old-fashioned trainers, of course, any pair of casual trainers on the market you can try with, this also depends on your overall style to match, but I think Nike, Adi’s trainers will be a better choice, this depends on the ultimate personal collocation.


7、Canvas shoes.

After all, wide-legged trousers are longer, can be completely covered feet, can also come up a little, visually speaking shoes on all added in the leg length, can make good use of this a little, with a pair of high-top canvas shoes, easy college style will come out. If you are afraid of cold sisters, you can also choose to add velvet canvas shoes, and also in the inside of the pad inside the high Oh.

In fact, wide-legged jeans can match a lot, just according to different styles they can match, and is not particularly picky body, so you can rest assured that bold wear, because wide-legged trousers are very popular every year, fashionable and very versatile, loose version is very thin, plus very popular hole fashion elements on more personality, or even with a pair of clip-on slippers, lazy personality, but also very fashionable.

8, open heel shoes

Open heel shoes we can also be called cat heels, this kind of shoes and general high heels are not the same point is that, no matter how far to walk on it will not feel very tired, and shoes some retro, with jeans there is a very workplace feel and with wide legged trousers and is not the same taste, a pair of simple open heel shoes is exactly the most suitable for the autumn national day journey shoes out of the street, whether with jeans and wide legged trousers are The key is that there is a little bit of small heel design that is particularly high.

9, shallow mouth flat shoes

The shallow mouth of the flat shoes, pointed design, looks like our feet are particularly petite, whether it is with relatively slim jeans or with slightly loose wide leg trousers are slowly professional sense of temperament, do not underestimate it is flat shoes, than the general high heels to, it is actually more tall, because it is simple design, more likely to elongate the visual sense of our lower body.

10、Nude boots

In the spring when it is slightly cold, a pair of nude boots is indispensable, nude boots try to choose 2-3CM above the ankle don’t choose too high, easy to show short, and this height is just right, can be very long legs, with jeans and wide leg trousers are very nice!

11, with Mueller shoes

The mullet flat shoes highlight its convenient and fashionable characteristics. Muller shoes with wide-legged jeans have a more civilized and yuppie temperament, and the overall look is retro and casual.


12、With sandals/slippers

In the hot summer, how to match the sandals and slippers, fresh and clean with as if to take away a hint of the heat. Let the shape increase a rate

13、Black single shoes

Whether it’s black Louboutins, small leather shoes or fashionable single shoes, can be matched with denim wide leg trousers, and according to different styles and tops can be worn with different styles, whether it’s sweet or handsome, or youth.

15、Canvas shoes

The versatile style of canvas shoes can be said to be second only to the “King of Versatility” under the small white shoes, in addition to formal wear almost every style can be done with it, skirts, shorts, wide-legged trousers, etc. can be taken, and the effect is excellent, fashionable and casual and good-looking.

16、Mid-heeled sandals

Jeans with mid-heeled sandals can be said to be one of the more popular ways of French girls to match, understated with a touch of elegance, both casual and feminine, simple and stylish.

17, boots

This style is more inclined to Korean style, jeans with boots cool full, and boots give people a special feeling of competence, with a sense of casual sense of wide leg jeans after a few more casual sense of competence, and this style of matching special gas field, walking in the street is also a turnaround rate bar.

18、Wide leg jeans + strappy high heels

The high heels have a variety of styles, which requires us to refine a pair of eyes that can be screened, as the saying goes, the details determine success or failure, and it’s true. If there is a difference in the design of a similar style, the effect will be very different. The strappy heels are not particularly frequent in everyday life, but as a synonym for elegance, they are still very popular with women. When paired with wide-legged jeans, it’s like meeting a soulmate, not only fresh and age-defying, but also super elegant. But need to pay attention to is: choose strappy heels when the version is best pointed, followed by the straps between not too dense, simple a little best, so that the visual effect will be more people inclined.

19, wide leg jeans + pointed toe Martin boots

The weather is generally cooler when we like to wear cool Martin boots, Martin boots are not only warm and stylish, but they are also very versatile, and many fashionable clothing items can be matched, and they have a very good effect. Like wide-legged jeans so casual and comfortable clothing items of course also have to happen with Martin boots, but the combination of the two, the best choice of Martin boots style pointed, because pointed style shoes can visually elongate the lower body proportion of the line, high and thin, but also allows you to easily have long legs Oh! Do not choose round-headed Martin boots, this style not only makes the overall dress look very short, but also gives a feeling of bulky Oh!